rizador trenzador pro-twist

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Use of the device Choose a strand which you want to curls and detangling them with a brush. Let the strands in two parts. Press the soft knob to elevate pushing the split strands behind the pliers pliers and let go of the knob, so that hair from the of pliers. Repeat it with the other strands keep the device straight the length of the hair. Press and hold it gently direction head and wide you will find everything you need to know about the hair. Turn on the device to position 1.The pliers spin, while the hair curled. Once the hair around the long curled out, up the device back to position 0 Keep the device straight again.Make it, in place 2nd the top part is rotated and two strands together when you're ready with the curls are, turn off the device back to position 0 and relax the hair strands by pressing the clamps release. Use a hair scrunchie to keep tight curls letting you create a unique look while that. Repeat the process for each strand of new.

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